Coiled Tubing

Chemical Precision: Empowering Coiled Tubing Operations.

Fluid Loss & Circulation Control

Reach deeper, smarter. Our advanced coiled tubing services extraordinary intervention capabilities, enabling you to reach downhole challenges efficiently, saving time and costs

Non-Damaging Acids

Designed specifically for coiled tubing applications, our formula efficiently removes deposits, scales, and obstructions while preserving the integrity of your tubing and downhole equipment. Maximize your operational uptime and productivity by relying on our industry-recognized solution. Ensure your coiled tubing operations are both powerful and protective.

Special Acids

Beyond the regular descaling, our specialized acid formulations are crafted to target stubborn reservoir challenges. Whether you're tackling complex mineral deposits or particular scaling issues, these acids are designed to deliver exceptional results without compromising tubing safety.


Crafted exclusively for coiled tubing applications. Designed to tackle the most challenging deposits, our solvents dissolve obstructions, ensuring smooth fluid flow. From paraffin to asphaltenes, trust in our cutting-edge solvent solutions to optimize your coiled tubing operations, ensuring longer tubing life and operational efficiency.